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Central banks can lend (LEASE) gold to specialized brokerage firms, called gold bullion banks.

The Gold Bullion Banks borrow this gold - lease gold - they sell gold certificates (against the leased gold) on the gold markets. The Gold Bankers

Johnson Matthey
Johnson Matthey were one of the five members of the London gold fixing. Johnson Matthey usual abbreviation for them is NMR of Rothschilds. They used to supply many specialised gold, silver and platinum products to the jewellery industry. In 1984, the banking / financial crisis when Johnson Matthey became absorbed by an Australian bank Westpac, and their place as a London gold fixing member is now occupied by [Credit Suisse First Boston].

Sharps Pixley
Sharps Pixley, is another ancient merchant bank was owned by Kleinwort Benson, but in 1993 it became part of [Deutsche Bank], which remains one of the London gold fixing members.

Rothschilds are the oldest, and probably the best known of the London gold fixing members. They are interested only in large deals direct with large gold investors.

Mocatta Goldsmid
the oldest and longest established member of the London gold market, they would oonly in large deals direct with large gold investors, usually in multiples of 1,000 ounces. They became part of the [Bank of Nova Scotia], they are now known as Scotia-Mocatta.

Samuel Montagu
Samuel Montagu, later to became Midland Montagu, and are now part of [HSBC].

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